Three Ways Banti Saves You Even More

Renew With Banti and Save

We get it. We like saving money too. Here are three tips to help you get even more from your Banti subscription.

1) When you sign up for an account, you get extra 14 days added to whatever plan you choose (montly or annual).2) Banti doesn't auto-renew, which is great for light users. And, Banti gives you a 30 day grace period in which to renew. That means, if you finish proofing three albums in August, but you don’t have another one coming until the end of September, you can wait a couple weeks before renewing. And—the next subscription cycle starts on the new renewal date (which is the day you pay), so the days you didn’t have any albums to proof, you aren’t having to pay for. (Keep in mind that during the 30 day grace period, you won’t be able to make edits to existing albums, so make sure that all are proofed and ordered before you try to take advantage of slow times.)3. Renew early with coupons. If your account isn’t expiring until end of next month, but you find a coupon, use it right away and the additional month (or year) will be added to your previous expiration date—not the date you used the coupon. We often email coupons, so make sure the email you used to sign up is a valid email address that you often check. Otherwise, you may not only miss our promotions, but client comments and notifications as well.

Note: Go to and like our Facebook page for 10% and/or 20% off promotions.

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