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The album proofing process has to be absolutely painless for us and our clients. When we were unable to find what we were looking for in an existing application, we decided to build one ourselves and released the first version of Banti Album Proofing in early 2009.

Khara Plicanic

Wedding Photographer, Author, Speaker

A wedding photographer based in Lincoln, NE, Khara Plicanic has made a name for herself by routinely wowing her clients with great images and record-setting turnaround times.

An accomplished educator, author, and public speaker, Khara has earned several awards for not only her business practices, but also her unique teaching style and playful sense of humor that have endeared her to an exponentially growing audience.

Her book, "Album Moxie: The Savvy Photographer's Guide to Album Design and More with InDesign" was recently released from Peachpit Press and her popular "Guide to a Wickedly Fast Wedding Workflow" is liberating photographers around the globe.

When she's not behind a camera, Khara stays busy plotting her next adventure whether a half-marathon, a cross-country bicycle ride, or the fine tuning of a new business idea. She believes in clean shooting, a wickedly fast workflow, and all things covered in chocolate.

Emir Plicanic

Emir Plicanic

Developer & UI/UX Designer

For over a decade, Emir has worked with companies large and small to create intuitive and engaging campaigns that have resulted in enhanced customer experiences, increased brand visibility, and even an impressive collection of awards.

An Interactive Art Director for an in-house marketing agency, Emir loves concepting and building simple and easy to use web interfaces.

He speaks three languages, loves running, and reading.

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